Know when to quit and how to do it the right way.

Leaving your job is always a difficult decision but how do you know if you really should go after something new, see if it is a great opportunity that isn’t being influenced by your emotions, and how do you leave the right way? In this episode, we will look at the seven signs that it is indeed time to move on, make sure that you don’t fall into emotional traps while making the decision and go over everything you need make sure you do after you give your notice.

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This may seem like an episode that no one needs but having worked with creatives for a lot of years – I would disagree. For me right now it is also timely as this past Friday was my last day with Citi. I have always found it fascinating to watch people when someone quits. Its interesting to watch how the person it leaving acts to see if they really work till the end of they show up every day late and do nothing but watch YouTube until their two weeks is over. It is also interesting to watch everyone to see how they treat you when you can no longer do anything to help them or you have no power over them.

7 signs its time to quit your job

Before we talk about how to quit your job – maybe we should take a few minutes to talk about how you know when it is time to quit your job. What are the signs? How do you know for sure? Here are 7 things that have been signs for me that it is time to move on.

You hate the work
If everything about the work rubs you the wrong way, you’re not going to be motivated to advance.

It’s stressful enough to make you sick
If the stress of the job is affecting your mental or physical health, your relationships with your spouse or family members, the job isn’t worth the toll it’s taking on your life

You don’t fit in
You could have the best skill set in the world, but if you don’t mesh well with the organization, then you won’t be successful

You have a bad boss
The majority of people quit bosses, they don’t quit jobs

You’re overqualified
When the work has become so routine that you could do it in your sleep – and still do it well – it’s time to explore other opportunities

The company or your department is on shaky footing
If you’re worried that you’re company is headed toward a downhill spiral and your position no longer seems secure, it’s time to begin your job hunt

You’ve done everything you can and aren’t advancing or the company isn’t changing
There are times when I have create an idea that would have won a pitch, or I have done everything I can to change a company but it still wasn’t enough

A word of warning

A quick word of warning about the process of thinking about quitting. The one trap I have seen some times is that people are in such a rush to get out of their bad situation and to find anything new that they will take the first thing and not the right thing. Make sure it is a better opportunity and a better job – not just a new job.

How to quit

Here are the basic things you need to do when you quit your job.

Tell your boss first
Its a simple sign of respect but be sure to tell your boss before anyone else.

Give at least 2 weeks notice
Two weeks notice is the minimum you should give when you are leaving. I think 2 is the minimum and 4 should be the maximum.

Have all conversations in person
This is a really key time and its the last professional memory these people will have of you so its important that you respect what you built with them and tell them in person.

Work with your boss on when people will be told
The only wrinkle in these conversations is what you work with your boss when you give them the news to figure out how and when people will be told.

Write a resignation letter
It may seem old school but write a resignation letter. At the very least HR will need it but it also leaves a paper trail and gives you a chance yo define your last day, etc.

Have a transition plan
This should include who will be taking over your work and where they can find your files

Be strategic about your time
After you give notice you only have a set amount of time left so be sure you spent it on the things and the people that will matter the most

Show gratitude to the people who deserve it
Thank you are two of the words we do not say enough. If people have helped you out, if they they mean something to you then make you tell them that.

Clean up your office, desk and computer
Make things easier on those who will be coming into the office on the Monday after you leave.

Don’t do this

Here are some of the things you need to make sure you do not do when you quit your job.

Have any emotional outbursts
This can be an emotional time for everyone involved so be sure you think about your image and understand this isn’t the time for emotional outburst or making a scene to get back at people.

Get senior-itis
If you care about your team and the people you are leaving behind then act like it. Show up and do your job until the end.

Just because you are leaving doesn’t man it is time to start trouble.

Feel like you have to explain where you are going or why you quit
Depending on your team and company you may not want to tell people where you are going for various reasons. Don’t feel like you have to tell people whats next for you.

Don’t leave them in a bind but they also have to be reasonable
Make sure that you respect the team who is going to be staying by giving a at least to weeks notice but also don’t let them take advantage of you by asking you to stay too long.

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