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Listening to this podcast and taking notes isn’t enough to having anything change for you or your team. In this episode, I wanted to share the one thing that I think is the missing manual for this show that will help you get more out of the information I share and make more of a change for you and your team.

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My hope will never be that you just listen to this show, take a bunch of notes then do nothing with them. This is why I am bringing this missing manual to the party – however late it might be. My hope is that you feel like I do about what you learn here. You feel the burden of hope that comes with knowing how things could be.

I will be honest that since starting this show I am aware that I must be an even increasingly disappointing boss to work for.They must think that I have this platform where I talk about all these answers so why aren’t things perfect? It is something that I think more and more often but in that struggle I came to a realization. Knowing information isn’t enough – it is just the beginning.

Its how you personalize it and bring it to life is what will make all the difference. Its the bring it to life that is important and it is where even I struggle. I struggle because it is easy to talk about things in abstraction. The challenges comes when you try and apply that information burdened by the constraints of real life that don’t let you just do what you want. It is really hard to put this stuff into practice and it is even harder to do it really well and be really effective.

But the thing is – you need to start. That is the secret in all of this. That is the missing manual. That one word – start.

Go out and START.
Start doing. Start creating. Start making a difference.
Take on a challenge.
Start a fight.
Teach someone.
Inspire someone.
Challenge yourself.
Change yourself.
Do whatever it is you need to do so someone call you crazy.

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