Become a better leader with the 10/80/10 rule

Leading a creative teams is hard because you have to balance giving your team enough freedom to come up with their own ideas while still leaving room for your influence and leadership. In this episode, we will look at the 10 / 80 / 10 rules which will give you a 3 part framework to calibrate your leadership against and find the right balance of team freedom and your leadership.

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Show Notes

Leading creative teams is a real challenge. It’s a challenge because you have to find a balance between your teams creativity and your leadership. That balance can really be hard and it is one of the things I see creatives struggle with the most. The biggest struggle is that you have to learn to trust your team when you want to do the work yourself.

You have to understand that everyone’s creative process is different.
You have to leave room for everyone’s creativity to flourish.
You have to respect everyone individual process to let all of that happen.

But while you are trying to do all of that for your team – they also need to do some things for you.
Your team needs to be able to follow your direction.
Your team needs to work with you so you can influence and guide the work.

So you have to find a balance between the two – but how can you make it work?

10/80/10 rule

Think about it in three parts

10% leave the team alone
This may sound strange but it needs to happen.
There are times when groups or people need to work through their problems on their own.
As a leader you need to do this to set boundaries and expectations.

80% provide insights and areas of opportunity.
The majority of the time you need to be in this space.
You need to provide insights and areas of opportunity that can set the team in the right direction but still leave room for them to work.
This is where you have to do your work so you can provide them with this guidance – this is the offseason work we have talked about before.

10% tell them what to do
You have run out of time, patience or political capital and just need results.
You have to dictate to the team what needs to get done.

The first and last 10% have to be rarities or nuclear options

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