Obstacles and 7 steps to becoming a better leader

Companies are desperate for more creative leadership but few of the know how to coach people on becoming better leaders. This episode looks at the most common leadership obstacles you will have to overcome and the 7 steps to help you become a better leader.

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Leadership obstacles

Perspective: You have to be an insider and an outsider at the same time.
Progress: Big problems don’t get solved because people can solve small ones faster.
Fear: People are afraid of change and speaking up.
Futility: People think nothing is going to change.
Comfort: People choose comfort over greatness.

7 steps to being a better leader

1: Have an obsessive focus on the fundamentals.
2: Walk your talk
3: Externalize your process
4: Be prepared that not everyone loves a leader
5: Start, stop and continue feedback.
6: Success is a choice
7: Embrace your crazy

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