4 trends that will define the future of UI/UX design

Digital technology and form factors are constantly changing so how do you create experiences that stand out from the crowd? This episode looks at four emerging trends you can use to help create better digital experiences for web sites, mobile apps, social media, wearables and emerging technologies.

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– Social media lets you see how boring all your friends are and its made them all act like little brands.

– People create the image they want to show the world.
– People create their own unique tone and voice.
– People want content that is going to let them stand out from the crowd.

– People want experiential currency. They get currency from content and experiences created by brands. They spend that currency in their digital networks through tweets, photos, check-ins, blog posts, etc. You have to think about how your branded experiences can create this spendable currency.


– Painless is becoming interfaceless

– Siri, Alexa, and Digit show us the way
– As experiences become interfaceless, differentiated content will become king. And experience design is going to be completely redefined.


– Stop making dumb brand experiences for smart devices. We have to give consumers the content they want – when they want it.
– Context-aware content curation.
– Use anticipatory triggers like time, location, social media, etc.
– But, these experience are only magical if the data they are based on is right.


– New economies are shaping consumer behaviors.
– The expertise economy.
– Design friction into your experiences to create skill building and self-reflection.

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