These collections have been curated to help you work through everything we have covered on the show for a specific topic.

Career episodes

Having a creative career is extremely challenging since what we create is so personal. As a result, there aren’t any set ways to be successful and growth can be difficult without the right mentorship. These episodes aim to help anyone from designers to anyone who is creative be more productive and create better work.


Conference talks episodes

These episodes are replays of some of my larger keynote and panels at global design and creativity conferences.


Creativity episodes

Creativity doesn’t come from a job title or working in a certain department. We are all creative but our jobs, education, and society have made us forget. These episodes cover everything from the basics of the creative process to more advanced subjects for creative teams.


Design episodes

Because of technology, process and so many other things being a designer is a constantly evolving problem. These episodes will help designers think about some of the more difficult emerging design issues, learn how to grow their skillset and understand emerging trends.


Emotional intelligence episodes

Emotional intelligence plays a huge part in being a successful leader and improving your creative process. These episodes look at some of the elements of emotion and emotional intelligence that are rarely discussed.

Hiring episodes

There are few more important issues for teams and leaders than finding great talent. These episodes give you insights as either someone who is hiring or someone who is looking for a job for how to become better at the process to hire better talent or find a better job.

In-house design episodes

More creatives are moving to in-house teams and finding out there are some different challenges with trying to be creative in a corporate environment. These episodes look at some of the unique challenges faced by in-house design teams and their leadership.

Leadership episodes

As creative people, we are working in a time when we have the opportunity to affect business in ways we haven’t seen since the Industrial Revolution. The challenge is that many of us have never had the leaders who have helped us develop the skills we need to be lead teams, inspire ideas or help our teams grow. These episodes cover a wide range of topics which will help you become a better and more effective leader.

Listener questions episodes

I love it when this show becomes a conversation and I am able to answer some of the questions that are on the audience’s mind. These episodes answer questions from social media and individual outreach.

Methodologies episodes

With so many different methodologies out there like agile, design thinking, design sprint and so many more it can be hard to know where to start or how to make them successful alongside a creative process. These episodes are deep dives and insights into these methodologies taken from real-world experience to help you be more successful.

Public speaking episodes

Public speaking ad presenting are skills that don’t come naturally to a lot of people. These episodes will help you become better at presenting at work or speaking on stage in front of a crowd.

Teamwork episodes

Teamwork is an always changing and dynamic problem.. These episodes cover a wide range of topics that are critical to improving your teamwork which will ultimately improve your work.

Tough topics episodes

There are a lot of touch parts of creativity that often go undiscussed and that is a huge problem. These episodes take an unflinching look at some tough topics dealing with creativity, emotion, bias and much more.

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