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As creative people, we are working in a time when we have the opportunity to affect business in ways we haven’t seen since the Industrial Revolution. The challenge is that many of us have never had the leaders who have helped us develop the skills we need to be lead teams, inspire ideas or help our teams grow. These episodes cover a wide range of topics which will help you become a better and more effective leader.


Confronting gender bias

We all need to start this conversation (especially men) because gender bias is a real problem that is very difficult to discuss and understand its conscious and unconscious expressions. Very few people understand it, have any idea how to confront it or make changes to improve it. In this episode, we will look at why this is a real problem, what a realistic outcome would be, the nine different types of bias, and what we can do about it.



Know what fights to pick and how to fight them constructively

Fighting for what you believe in at work and what your team needs are a critical part of leadership. The problem is that if you to do it too much then you are a real pain to work with but if you don’t do it enough then you aren’t an effective leader. In this episode, we will look at how to find a balance in how often you have fights, why they are important and how to make fighting constructive instead of destructive for you and your career.



How to work with underperforming people and teams

One of the toughest things you will ever do as a creative leader is to come up with a plan and have the tough conversations with a person or team that is struggling to deliver great work. It is the leadership question I am asked the most so in this episode we will look at the different ways you need to work with an individual person versus an entire team that is struggling and the what your role as a leader has to be in this process.



3 steps to help you coach and grow your team members

Over the course of this show, we have talked a lot about how to lead creative teams because there are many unique challenges for this type of leadership. One of the biggest challenges is how to effectively coach and grow the members of your team to make them a more valuable part of the team and meet their career goals. In this episode, we will look at how you can apply that leadership to people on your team and get the results you want from them using a simple three step process you can start using today.



Why creatives quit and what you can do about it

They say that people quit bosses, they don’t quit jobs and this is mostly true. But leading and working as a creative comes with its own set of challenges that can drive people to leave your team or for you to find a new job. In this episode, we will look at some of those unique challenges, what you can do about it as a leader or as an employee, and that are 4 questions you need to ask before you change jobs.



Become a better leader with the 10/80/10 rule

Leading a creative team is hard because you have to balance giving your team enough freedom to come up with their own ideas while still leaving room for your influence and leadership. In this episode, we will look at the 10 / 80 / 10 rules which will give you a 3 part framework to calibrate your leadership against and find the right balance of team freedom and your leadership.



Success is a choice from Adobe MAX 2016

A replay of my sold out session from Adobe MAX 2016 that looked at how companies are finally starting to see the true value of design which has created great opportunities for creative teams but few understand how to foster the leadership that can deliver greater creativity, innovation and results from the same teams you’re working with today. This episode will walk you through how to foster a culture that creates strong leadership, grow creativity and understand the most common leadership blindspots and what you can do to overcome them.



Obstacles and 7 steps to becoming a better leader

Companies are desperate for more creative leadership but few of the know how to coach people on becoming better leaders. This episode looks at the most common leadership obstacles you will have to overcome and the 7 steps to help you become a better leader.



Culture, beliefs and the power of ‘What inspires you?’

Team cultures are created either by default or by design. This episode will look at how to evaluate your team, the steps to create a strong culture and understand the power of asking ‘What inspires you?’.


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